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This Handbook is designed for use for all WRC volunteers.

All information contained within this Handbook is the property of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.

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*The Handbook is available for download for all WRC Volunteers. Simply click each section and save it to your computer or print it out. Check back often for updates or new sections.

Is Wildlife Rehabilitation For You? (10 page Booklet)
  • Deveoped by The Wildlife Rehabilitator Recruiting Project
  • An indepth look at what it means to be a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Section 1 - Introduction to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic (Updated Jan 2015)
  • About the Wildlife Rehab Clinic
  • Volunteer Requirements
  • Other Ways to Volunteer
  • Policies & Procedures

Section 2 - Animal Arrival / Admittance
(Updated April 2015)
  • Once the Animal Arrives
  • Performing a Physical Exam
  • Treatment for Shock

Section 3.1 - Handling Phone Calls, Part 1 (Updated April 2015)
  • Initial Contact with Finder
Section 3.2 - Handling Phone Calls, Part 2 (Updated March 2011)
  • Call Flow Chart

Section 4 - Euthanasia
(Updated March 2011)
  • When, why and how we euthanzie animals

Section 5 - Feeding & Formulas: General Info
(Updated April 2015)

  • General Info
  • Transitioning from Rehydrating Solution to Formula
  • Proper Feeding Postion
  • Common Feeding Problems

Section 6 - Health Problems in Wild Animals
(Updated March 2011)
  • Types of Emergencies & Treatments

Section 7 - Infant Identification
(Updated March 2011 - This is a LARGE file)
  • To help identify infant mammals that come into the clinic, pictures and descriptions of most of the animals we may receive.

Section 8 - Release
(Coming Soon)
  • Where and when animals are released

Section 9 - Species Specific Information

Reference Section